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 TCOR Members

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PostSubject: TCOR Members   Sun Feb 14, 2010 5:12 am

~~~TCOR:SS Leader~~~
Judgeofwings - PSN: Judgeofwings

Your division leaders are highlighted in Green.

Below is the member list for the PS3 division. Usernames are first followed by PSN IDs.

Sinclair Solutions:Apollo Division(PS3)

~PS3 Leader~
RTM - PSN: RTM6533

Trespasser - PSN: ExViscount
Muskel - PSN: muskellounger
shellshockedwolf - PSN: shellshockedwolf
Big Daddy MK.2 - PSN: Vaultoutlaw
Sardaukar_killer - PSN: Sardaukar_killer
crippie2007 - PSN: crippie2007
Black-Leader - PSN: blackleader95

Below is the list for the Xbox division. Usernames are first, followed by your gamertag..

Sinclair Solutions: Neptune Division(Xbox)

~Xbox Leader~
Chronic Alchemy - GT:Chronic Alchemy

Codex - GT: CodextehFish
Shnoopa - GT: Shnoopa
Turdsandwitch - GT: Turdsandwitch
x Lethian x - GT: x Lethian x
Nite Fox - GT: Nite Fox 11
Magicman4443 - GT:Magicman4443
How Dreadful - GT: How Dreadful
mewtrek - GT :mewtrek
UltimateCharles - GT: UltimateCharles
Reborn in the Ocean - GT:BlackShAd0wZ92
mtl171 - GT: mtl171

Sinclair Solutions: Mercury Division(PC)
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TCOR Members
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